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Setup codes

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setup codes

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Use these codes to download proven race winning setups into your PitLogic!

When creating a new setup, simply click the ‘Download From Web’ button and enter the code.

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Quarter Midget

Stanley Honda Classes Daytona Lot - CODE:  QM2019006

Stanley Jr Classes Baseline - CODE:  QM202040

Stanley Lt WF/Mod Formula Daytona Parking Lot - CODE:  QM2019007

Stanley Sr Honda Mini-Indy - CODE:  QM2019017

Stanley Lt 160 Kalamazoo -CODE:  QM2019010

Sherman Sr Honda Parking Lot Baseline - CODE:  QM2019004

Stanley Sr Animal LT. 160 Parking Lot (Low Grip) - CODE:  CSIQM2019017

Stanley Lt WF/MOD WF Parking Lot (Low Grip) - CODE:  QM2019013

Stanley Lt 160 Dirt - CODE:  QM2019022

Stanley Lt 160 Mini Indy - CODE:  QM2019023

Stanley Hvy 160 (Low Grip) -CODE:  QM2019024

Stanley Sr Honda Brickyard (Start) - CODE:  QM2019030

Sherman Jr Honda Brickyard (Start) - CODE:  QM2019031

Stanley Lt 160 Brickyard (Start) - CODE:  QM2019032

Sherman Hvy 160 Brickyard (Start) - CODE:  QM2019033

Stanley Jr Honda Mini Indy - CODE:  QM2019034

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600 Micro

Hyper X4-X7 Wing Baseline 1/6 - 1/8 Mile - CODE: 6002019002

D1 Wing Baseline - CODE: D12019001

D1 Non-Wing Baseline - CODE: D12019002

Farrell Frameworks Wing Baseline - CODE: 600FFW2020

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Jr. Sprint

Joes Jr Sprint Baseline - CODE: JR2019001

D1 Jr Sprint Baseline - CODE: D12019003

nonwing setup codes.png

Non-Wing 410 Sprint

DRC Chassis Short Track Baseline - CODE: DRC2019001

CSI Baseline, Heat and Feature Set-Up (Jake Argo) - CODE: 410NW01

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Dirt Midget

Chili Bowl Baseline - CODE: DM2019003

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