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About PitLogic

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About PitLogic

Complete Race Team Management Tool

PitLogic is designed to help keep your team organized and make raceday setup choices easier and more precise.  Thousands of hours have been spent developing this app for racers, so that anyone from a novice to a professional race team can benefit from it.


Stop guessing, and start knowing! Access all of your data anytime from right in your pocket. PitLogic is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, on all mobile and tablet devices.

Created by racers for racers, we continue to develop PitLogic with new features to help race teams as much as possible. This includes specialized features and tools for all kinds of racing, as we support everything dirt, pavement, oval, road, off-road, and more.

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•  Store setups and notes

•  Quickly access shock data

•  Organize your tire inventory

•  Log use on parts

•  Use maintenance checklists

•  Make accurate gear predictions

•  Calculate fuel consumption

•  Download race winning setups

•  And much more!

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PitLogic comes with a FREE 2 week trial, so downloading it from the app store is completely free! No payment info is needed, as we steer clear of any free-trial confusion. Get started today for free with full access to all of PitLogic, and see if you like it! At the end of the 2 weeks you will then be asked to purchase a subscription if you'd like to continue. 

It's is one of the most helpful tools you can get, and one of the most affordable! At only $9.99 a month, the PitLogic racing tool can make a world of a difference for your team. We also offer a discounted annual subscription. 

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Security & subscription

Data Security


Security and privacy is very important to us at PitLogic. We understand the need to keep your racing data private, and that's why our PitLogic Account encryption system has been in place from the very beginning of our app before it was even available for public use. 

Storing data on your account, whether it be setups, shocks, notes, or anything else, is locked with an encryption that's unique to your account. Only you can see the data! 

We do have sharing features for you to use if you'd like, and in that case you must create your own one-time unique code to give to the trusted person downloading that data. In the case of requesting shock data from your manufacturer - they can't see the shock data on your account, only the new data they're entering that they already have.



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PitLogic Complete



Your choice of:



New to PitLogic for 2021 - the various subscription levels are gone and now your payment is a simpler and cheaper all-in-one subscription. PitLogic Complete includes full access, and at $9.99 per month it's one of the cheapest racing tools you can buy! We also offer a special discounted yearly rate.


When downloading PitLogic for the first time, you automatically get a 

2 week FREE trial! No payment info is needed to use the trial, and you get full access the same as with a subscription. Payment info is only asked for upon completion of the trial if you like it and want to continue.

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